August 14, 2009

and the old man prays

This piece has a special place in my memory bank.

Let me share the history of the art with you. I painted this art upside down. I had a deadline and couldnt quite get the 'feeling' in his face down. I was stuck. desperation I flipped him over and grabbed a sponge and went to town. It turned out perfect. And the relfection from the glasses? Looks like it would be pretty easy doesnt it? took me weeks !! to perfect...but, it was achieved the same say. This time it was Frustration. I flipped the canvas upside down once more, and grabbed a sponge but this time I painted it Left handed.

IT WORKED.. To this day, this is one of my top favorites because of the history of the making of this piece of art. It was a mothers day gift for my mother. I made my deadline.

And THAT is why this art has special meaning to me.

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  1. This is very dear to me. At 72 yrs, this poor man with only one Lord to hear his prayers is me. My married name is Grace and as chance would have it I am Nancy Grace for 25yrs Please, I cannot find where to buy a print of this fine work to meditate every day. Contact me at Call 501-623-7545. With gratitudešŸ˜‡