July 18, 2017

Texas Fine Art and Whimsical Fantasy artist, Barbara Lemley

3 paintings that are related to each other in a group is called a Triptych.

A Triptych is a work of art that is divided into three sections or three canvas' that hinged together relating to each other. 
It is a type of polyptych, the term for all multi-panel works. Despite its connection to an art format, the term is sometimes used to connote anything with three parts and are integrated into a single unit or thought. 

1 of 3
16 x 20
Available for purchase.

2 of 3
16 x 20
Available for purchase.

3 of 3
"Angle of Mercy"
16 x 20
Available for purchase.

I have a story that goes with these paintings. Its sad, so go no further if youd rather not be sad. I think most of you can relate though.

I had three pets I dearly loved......two cats and a dog.
They were 16, 17 and 18. They died all withing 6 weeks of each other.

 I was angry when I painted "Demons". Several months later "Purgatory" was what I felt like I was in. Months later I was somewhat at peace when I painted "Angel of Mercy". After 20 years of faithful companionship, the house was so quie. That was almost ten years ago and I still miss them. And thats my story.

 You can buy one...or, You can buy all three making a matched set, cheaper.


22 x 28
"Indian Joe"
Available for purchase.

"Blackfoot Warrior"
18 x 24
Available for purchase.

4 x 6
Available for purchase.

24 x 36
Available for purchase.

My entire art inventory is BarbaraLemley.com
Email is: Barbara.Lemleyyahoo.com

Thank you for showing interest.
I appreciate you.

Something new has been added.

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