May 29, 2016

Whimsical Fantasy or the Old Masters

Indian Princess - Oil
"My art is simply the emotions of the heart  painted into words."

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January's auction is;
"Table of Orange"
30 x 30

Artist Barbara Lemley


24 x 36
"All That Jazzz 2"
SOLD and residing in Dublin Ohio


My art on their products:
Prints, iPhone cases, cups, mugs,
greeting cards, throw pillows
and even shower curtains.



For questions, please email

Barbara Lemley-Hestilow
AKA ReddWine


For questions or information on this painting, 

To contact me immediately, email me :

*I check once a month.*
This is an old email. 

And, don't forget about that shipping/freight charge.
The price all depends on how far from Texas you live.


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